Freeware for the MIPS based SGI workstations:

The following list contains various programs I compiled for private use on my SGI boxes running IRIX 6.5.22f. Regarding the copyright of the applications please see the home-pages of the individual programs. Feel free to download and install the tardists. I tested them on Indigo2 (R10k-180, MXI-TT-Compressario, 1G), Indigo2 (R4k4-220, Elan+Galileo, 384M), Octane (Dual-R12k-300, Dualhead-MXE/SE+EVO, 1G) and O2 (R14k-400, CRM+Video, 640M). For some applications you need libraries from the SGI freeware suite installed. Nevertheless they come absolutely without any warranty. Please enjoy:

  1. AdaEd-1.12.tardist (1M0): A free translator/interpreter for the Ada83 language written at the University of New York (NYU).
  2. NEW VERSION (libglut-glitch fixed):CalculiX-1.7-bin.IRIX6.5.tardist (9M9): A finite element program using OpenGL for visualization. Please see for details on this very nice piece of software. A getting started guide is available and if you want to use the included help (which will reside in /usr/freeware/doc/CalculiX, both as postscript and html) you should set the following link after installing the tardist (as root): cd /usr/local ; ln -s /usr/freeware/doc/CalculiX/ CalculiX
  3. DATgoodies-1.5.tardist (112K0): A compiled version of the DAT goodies allowing reading and writing audio DATs on IRIX machines with appropriate DAT drive. Source for these is from the SGI home-page (
  4. Simh-V35-2.tardist (4M2): An simulator for various vintage platforms. Supports Data General Nova, VAX, PDP11, PDP8 and many more. Please see for more details!

    ...25.3.2012: Simh-Binary replaced by new one fixing "BOOT CPU"-bug in the Nova code...
    ...17.4.2012: Added special R1602 binary with correct boot loader emulating Rolm 1602...

  5. asxv4pxx.tardist (1M8): A multiplatform assembler allowing the development of embedded applications on the IRIX/SGI platform. Home-page for this project (which is partially included in sdcc) is
  6. demtools-0.9.5.tardist (240K0): Viewer for digital elevation maps. The original home-page is where the source code is available, too. As prerequisites you will need the libglut, pango, gtk-2.0 and gdk-2.0 from the SGI freeware page. Lot of free files are available at this site: with 1:250000 scale. Maybe you will have need for the following converters, too: dem2dxf (71K) and dem2xyz (67K).
  7. pForth.tardist (235K0): A nice and compact Forth language for your SGI. REMARK: pForth2.1 is a (for non-commercial use) free Forth, see
  8. rat-3.0.35.tardist (870K): rat-3 - The "robust audio tool" from Networked Multimedia Research Group at University College London which is an online telephone program (compatible to vat) and works quite well for handling one or more calls between more different boxes. Supports crypto as well and needs two open ports between the machines. The program is available for lots of other platforms as well (WinDowze, Solaris, Linux,...) and communication has been tested to a linux rat-4 client. I like rat-3 more than the current 4.xx since it is very stable. See
  9. rat-4.2.26.tardist (1M3): The newer version of rat. Rat3 and rat4 can be installed simultaneously and 3.0.35 is launched via "rat" whereas rat4 launches 4.2.26. The rat4 is less stable than rat3.
  10. vic-2.8ucl1.1.6.tardist (1M8): From UCL like rat and is a video conferencing tool and is used together with rat to have chats with video. Video-Inp˙ts or parts of the x11 screen can be sent to other machines with different codecs. Works very nice, even with more simultaneous sessions. Tested successfully on the following boxes, all running 6.5.22: Indigo2/cosmo, Octane/Galileo,evo and O2/mvp.
  11. unarj-2.65.tardist (31K): If someone encounters older DOS archives compressed with the formerly popular arj archiver, you may want to use unarj-2.65 to extract them on the IRIX platform 6.5 and later.
  12. z80asm-2.4pre3.tardist (819K): For more details on this package, see official home-page at The tardist contains the IRIX 6.5 binaries z80-asm and z80-mon in /usr/local/bin, the man-pages in /usr/local/man/man1 and man5. Documentation and examples will be installed in /usr/local/doc/z80-asm. With this package you can compile Z80 assembler code and run it on a text-mode based emulator.
  13. GPutils-0.12.3.tardist (3M4): Gnu-PIC tools, containing an assembler for most of Microchip's PIC processors.
  14. sdcc-2.8.0.tardist (20M): The free Small-Device-CC capable of compiling C code for the 6808, Z-80, 8051 and some other processors. If you want to generate code for the PICs, you need the GPutils above as well. Manuals for sdcc and the included simulator ucsim are separate pdf files: 919k, 117k.
  15. dpa-ass-43p.tardist (185k): This is a freeware cross assembler for the vintage PDP8 (DEC) and Nova (Data General) computers. It is based on lex and yacc and the original sources can be found here on the WEB. The binaries offered here contain two patches: One from Andre fixing a bug in the Nova rb-file generation and an own one adding correct behaviour for the READS instruction.

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