Some adresses not beeing up to date any more:

  • Sometimes I am visiting my parents in Marktoberdorf where I have been born and still like spending time:
    Erik Baigar,
    Richard-Strauß-Straße 9
    D87616 Marktoberdorf
    47°46'09.47"N, 10°36'38.13"E, 736m above sea level

  • My address for snail mail at home in Munich up to the 22nd of August 2002 was:
    Erik Baigar,
    Annette-Kolb-Anger 13,
    D81737 M\174nchen,
    Tel. (0049)89/63496363
    Fax. (0049)69/791246964
    AB (0049)721/151479577
    48°06'06.42"N, 11°39'19.12"E, 590m above sea level

  • From than on until 1/2004 my home was in the west of Munich:
    Erik Baigar,
    Gotzmannstraße 11,
    D82166 Gräfelfing,
    Tel. (0049)89/63496363
    Fax. (0049)69/791246964
    AB (0049)721/151479577
    48°07'08.85"N, 11°25'53.66"E, 590m above sea level

  • The Adress of my former "playground" for PhD, the laser laboratory near the English Garden was (1997-2001):
    Dipl.Phys. Erik Baigar
    Lehrstuhl für BioMolekulare Optik der LMU München
    Oettingenstraße 67, Z010
    80538 München
    Tel. (0049)89/2178-2915 or -2989
    Fax. (0049)89/2178-2901
    48°09'01.67"N, 11°35'39.55"E, 550m above sea level

  • At the GSF from 1996 to 1997 my coordinates were:
    Dipl.Phys. Erik Baigar
    Institut für Bodenökologie
    Ingolstädter Landstraße 1,
    85764 Neuherberg
    Tel. (0049)89/3187-3355
    Fax. (0049)89/3187-3376
    48°13'18.14"N, 11°35'34.56"E, 535m above sea level

  • My first employment from 11/2001 until 6/2007 was in the microscopy develompent division of Olympus in the German subcompany Olympus Soft-Imaging-Solutions GmbH:
    Dipl.Phys. Erik Baigar
    Olympus Soft-Imaging-Solutions GmbH, CAHW
    Robert-Koch-Straße 9/1. Og.
    D82152 Planegg
    Tel. (0049)89/89746040
    Fax. (0049)89/89746011
    AB (0049)89/89746012
    48°06'26.44"N, 11°25'58.99"E, 600m above sea level

  • The second employment from 7/2007 until 8/2019 was in the HPLC group of Thermo Fisher Scientific where I designed spectrometers (single wavelength, diode array and fluorescence) and matching flow cells:
    Dr. Erik Baigar
    Dionex Softron GmbH
    ...part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Principal Hardware Engineer
    Dornierstraße 4
    D82110 Germering
    Tel. (0049)89/89468446
    Fax. (0049)89/89468301
    48°07'48.82"N, 11°21'30.73"E, 590m above sea level

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