Personal Data

Born on the 21.7.1969 in Marktoberdorf, a village of 17000 souls near the Alps in Bavaria/Germany I visited "Sankt Martin" elementary school in Marktoberdorf from September 1976 until July 1980. After that I continued from September 1980 til June 1989 at "Peter-Dörfler-Gymnasium" again in Marktoberdorf to acquire the "Allgemeine Hochschulreife".
On the first of November 1989 I started at "Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München" to study physics. Conducting the one-year work for my diploma in experimental physics I finished university on 4th of October 1995 with the academic degree of a Dipl. Phys. (roughly equivalent to a M.Sc.).
After that I worked from December 1995 to April 1996 as a scientific employee at the Institute for Medical Optics before I had to start to do a 13-month social service (instead of army) at GSF Munich, a facility conducting ecological research.
After this (on June 1997) I started again at the Institute for Medical Optics with a dissertation on femtosecond spectroscopy and molecule physics. Experiments and major work on the text where finished in August 2001.
I started on October 2001 with a regular job as Head of Hardware Development at Olympus BioSystems GmbH in Planegg near Munich. Later on this Company was merged with Soft Imaging System GmbH to form the new Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH.
After finishing text and a successful Rigorosum I was awarded the PhD in May 2003.
Marriage with Pia Frommknecht on 5.8.2006 in Marktoberdorf.
End of June 2007 I left Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions company to join the Dionex Softron GmbH in Germering where I started as Senior Engineer in the R&D department and have been promoted to Hardware Engineering Project Manager end of 2010.
May 2011 the name of the company changed to Thermo Fisher Scientific as the takeover became effective - since summer 2013 promoted to principal hardware engineer.
September 2019 started a new position in the development at Thorlabs GmbH as "Scientific Lead Spectroscopy Systems" in Bergkirchen working mainly on Raman spectroscopy.


A short survey of things I always do not have enough time for:
Mountains (holidays and on weekends), Karate (regularly, 4th Dan), Bicycle (to work or on weekends), Skiing (on average one day a year), Inline skating (in breaks or in the evenings) and dancing (Argentine Tango).

Technology and science:
  • Electronics (especially digital, analog and HF),
  • Computer (UNIX, programming in C, TCL/Tk, assembler and other languages. Parallel and vintage computing),
  • Vintage avionics - especially from British aircraft (e.g. Tornado, Nimrod, Jaguar,...).
  • Lasers, physics and science in general (e.g. tried in the 90ties to rejuvenate a heavy old Ar-ion-laser which requires the production of good vacuum, glass-blowing, or constructing an own YAG).

  • Music:
    Nearly all classics from Albinoni to Zemlinski being not too modern - say before 1950. Favorite candidates at the moment are the symphonies of Tschaikowsky, Brahms and Bruckner. Recently I discovered the beautiful sound-tracks of Alfred Newman and others.

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